Rabu, 07 November 2018

Samsung's folding screen smartphone is definitely revealed this week

Slowly but surely, Samsung is reported to be ready to show off its folding screen smartphone.

According to a Reuters report, the smartphone will be displayed at the Samsung Developer Conference held in the United States today, Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

The decision to introduce this device, according to Samsung's internal sources, is not without reason. Quoted from Phone Arena, Wednesday (11/07/2018), the smartphone is a new concept, both from design and usage experience, so it needs a different approach.

"Before we bring it to the market, we want to share with the developers what we have done so far and ask for their opinions," said one Samsung official.

Not only devices, Samsung will also show the interface of this smartphone.

According to the news, Samsung is working with Google to create a special operating system for its folding screen smartphone.

Samsung itself has not revealed the official name of this smartphone, but according to news circulating, the device will carry the name Galaxy F.

To find out more about this smartphone, it's interesting to wait for an official announcement from the company.

Previously, through his Facebook account, the company uploaded a Samsung logo that appeared folded. The upload was said to describe Samsung's plan to introduce a folding screen smartphone while starting its campaign.

Samsung Folding Screen Smartphone Specifications

Had heard the news Samsung has determined the design of this folding screen smartphone. The production process is also ready, but due to a number of problems, new sales will be carried out next year.

The smartphone that is mentioned will be called Galaxy F will have a silver color. Having a 7.3-inch screen, this smartphone is predicted to appear with a thin bezel.

The latest rumors also say this smartphone will be armed with Snapdragon 8150. RAM capacity of this device is unknown, but it's likely that Samsung will embed 512GB of internal memory.

Not only that, this device will also support dual SIM. To support its performance, this smartphone will use batteries with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,000mAh.

Information about Samsun Foldable Smartphone

Although until now there has been no official information from the company regarding Samsung's folding screen smartphone, based on the latest report from The Wall Street Journal, the name of the device has at least been revealed.

Quoted from The Independent, the device is called bearing the name Infinity-V. This name is known from documents that Samsung registered with the South Korean intellectual property office.

Previously, the name mentioned to be used by Samsung was Galaxy X or Galaxy F. Even though it was registered, the name would not necessarily be used for actual naming.

Reportedly, the smartphone will be demonstrated for the first time at the Samsung developer conference on November 7, 2018. Then, it is planned to be released in 2019.

As part of the preparation, Samsung reportedly also worked with YouTube and Netflix to prepare content that could be present on folding screen smartphones.

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