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Samsung Thought and was Interested in the Release of Folding Tablets

The smartphone is not the only folding device that is being prepared by Samsung. According to new information, the company reportedly was interested in presenting folding tablets, if later Galaxy F - the name of its folding smartphone - was successful in the market.

Reported by Phone Arena, Friday (10/26/2018), information about the tablet that can be folded comes from the circulation of patents about the device. This patent was filed in April 2018 in the United States (US), but until now it has not been published.

This patent describes a device that when not folded, can be used like a traditional tablet. If the user only wants to use one side of the tablet screen, then the device can be folded and automatically the UI (user interface, face display) will change like using a smartphone.

In the patent statement, this tablet concept utilizes two bezel-like grips on both sides of the screen. From the appearance, the grip is made of aluminum, the same as the body. The center of the rear panel has a hinge-like mechanism.

Since folding devices are still new and untested on the market, the company hopes to get a good reaction at the beginning of the Samsung Galaxy F.

If the smartphone is successful, the company will most likely provide the green light for the launch of folding tablets.

Samsung will showcase a folding screen smartphone next month

News Samsung will introduce its first folding screen smartphone next month again. The South Korean company plans to show the smartphone prototype at the Samsung developer conference on November 2018.

Samsung also mentioned the plan for the product to appear on Twitter. The company also displays a graph of two lines that form an arrow facing right. For more details, you can see the tweets below:

 The issue of the presence of the first folding screen smartphone made by Samsung has been widely discussed. Some time ago, DJ Koh, Head of IT & Mobile Communications (IM) Division of Samsung, confirmed that the company was working on folding screen smartphones.

"We are almost finished (developing a Samsung folding screen smartphone)," DJ Koh said in an interview in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday (12/10/2018).

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