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Apple revealed the meaning of the 'R' of the iPhone XR

Many wonder, what is the extension of the letter 'R' from the iPhone XR?

Previously, Daring Fireball website blogger, John Gruber, considered the reason Apple chose R on the iPhone XR was only about the alphabet.

"I think this way, R doesn't have any meaning at all, it's not an abbreviation or how. I can't think of a suitable word starting with R on the iPhone XR," Gruber said.

"I think Apple just wants to be cool and maybe R is the letter before S in the alphabet. Obviously this indicates that R from XR is a lighter iPhone than XS," he said.

But now, the extension 'R' of the iPhone XR has at least been revealed directly from Apple. According to Apple's Chief Marketing, Phil Schiller, the letter 'R' on the iPhone XR turned out to refer to sports cars.

"I really like fast cars and vehicles. Now, the letters R and S are the two letters used for sports cars that are special and fast," Schiller told Engadget.

That said, R itself means "Rally" or "Type R", or also "road and track". To be sure, Schiller emphasizes that R really has to do with speed.

iPhone related to speed
The name of the iPhone XR is not the only thing related to speed.

iPhone S and SE, for example, some sources call the letter 'S' on this iPhone an abbreviation of 'speed' (speed), as well as SE which stands for Special Edition, and C which is said to be an abbreviation of colors.

The cheapest, this is why Apple presents the iPhone XR
Price tag of the latest iPhone is undeniably always released with a fairly high value. However, Apple always gives special slots for the cheapest iPhone models.

Currently, the latest iPhone predicate that is the cheapest is the iPhone XR. Priced at US $ 749, this smartphone does have a cheaper price than the other two iPhone models sold starting at US $ 999.

In an interview with the Nikkei, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the decision to release an iPhone XR could not be separated from Apple's way of giving more people the chance to have a brand-new iPhone.

According to Cook, Apple knows that there are a number of consumers who want to get access to features on the iPhone X but with more affordable prices. Therefore, Apple introduced the iPhone XR.

"Although it comes with different features of the XS iPhone, this smartphone both carries an all-screen design and uses the A12 Bionic chip. In addition, the iPhone XR is also available in more colors," he said as quoted by Phone Arena on Friday (14 / 9/2018).

The presence of the iPhone XS cannot be separated from the needs of most Apple users who are always waiting for the latest innovations from the company.

Therefore, they are ready to pay anything to get products with the latest Apple innovations.

"While the XS Max iPhone is intended for the same segment but with greater device requirements," Cook added.

Cook also said that the iPhone has played a bigger role in people's lives, so customers today don't hesitate to pay more for Apple's new products.

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