Jumat, 26 Oktober 2018

Google said the reason for using the Name Android Pie

Android is an operating system made by Google that often carries the names of sweet snacks. Take the example of Nougat, Oreo, to the latest: Android Pie.

Android Pie ready to visit Xiaomi Mi A1?

Earlier, Xiaomi was also reportedly preparing to launch an Android Pie update for the Mi A1.

This information is known from the Geekbench benchmark measurement site some time ago.

List of Xiaomi Smartphones that are ready for adoption of Android Pie

Xiaomi finally released the Android Pie and Android Oreo update launch schedule for the fourth quarter of 2018. This information is known from the list of companies that appeared on the internet some time ago.

Apple revealed the meaning of the 'R' of the iPhone XR

Many wonder, what is the extension of the letter 'R' from the iPhone XR?

Previously, Daring Fireball website blogger, John Gruber, considered the reason Apple chose R on the iPhone XR was only about the alphabet.

Kamis, 25 Oktober 2018

Price of the Latest Samsung S6 Edge 2018, a mobile with fierce performance

Samsung is a South Korean vendor that produces various gadgets and electronic products. The whole world has recognized the superiority of products from this vendor, Samsung. Not only about electronic equipment, Samsung also excels in the gadget sector, especially Samsung mobile phones. Ever since, Samsung-made smartphones have always been known to have good quality. Not infrequently Samsung-made smartphones are scrambling even though prices are priced at the top class.

Samsung Thought and was Interested in the Release of Folding Tablets

The smartphone is not the only folding device that is being prepared by Samsung. According to new information, the company reportedly was interested in presenting folding tablets, if later Galaxy F - the name of its folding smartphone - was successful in the market.

The iPhone is still the Ideal Smartphone for US Teenagers

United States (US) teenagers are known to be big fans of Apple, and it is no longer surprising to make iPhone purchases increase every year.

Mi Mix 3 Release with a Sliding Camera, The price?

Xiaomi finally announced Mi Mix 3 as its newest flagship smartphone. This smartphone is equipped with a front camera with a sliding mechanism alias can be shifted, and does not have a notch.