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This specs Oppo Find X, which has a hidden camera

Oppo Find X was launched in Paris, France on Wednesday (20/06/2018) local time. This non-bangberry smartphone is launched with two variations, the standard and Lamborghini.

So what are the specifications that make Oppo Find X special?

Oppo Find X has a 6.4 inch OLED display with a body ratio of 93.8 percent without the presence of bangs (notch), with front and rear camera hidden (pop up camera). As a result, this smartphone looks very sleek.

Oppo Find X has a dual camera 16MP and 20MP and a 25MP front camera, complete with face recognition for face unlock.

Other special aspects of this smartphone is the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM, and memory that can accommodate more than 256GB.

Of course, Oppo Find X has been equipped with VOOC which makes charging faster. The Oppo Find X battery is powered by 3,730mAh.

Meanwhile, for the Lamborghini version has a similar specification with additional features super VOOC to fully charge the battery in just 35 minutes, and storage up to 512GB.

The collaboration between Oppo and Lamborghini certainly reminds smartphone enthusiasts of a similar collaboration between Huawei and Porsche.

Oppo Find X has a back made of carbon fiber-coated glass and there is a symbol Lamborghini at the bottom.

In Europe, Oppo Find X sells for 999 Euros (about US $ 1.165) and is available in August 2018.

For Lamborghini edition priced 1700 euros (about US $ 1.979).

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