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This battery can be fully charged in just seconds, sophisticated right?

The smartphone battery will generally charge for two hours from empty to full. Technology itself is growing with the features of fast charging that reduces the time of charging.

But in the future, there will be a 'magic' battery that can be charged in just a few seconds.

Scientists have found a suitable material for this technology, a nanomaterial named MXene.

Launched from Mashable, Sunday (10/06/2018), this material is a research product from Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, and headed by Professor Yury Gogotsi.

These nanomaterials are different from traditional battery materials, as they can open more paths for the ion to move quickly across the material.

The revolutionary electrode design uses materials called MXene to allow this process.

Electrodes are places where energy is stored in the battery for charging. This makes changes in the battery composition and charging process.

MXene is a hydrogel tucked between metal oxides. This material is highly conductive, such as copper and aluminum used in electric cables.

This conductive property is very important, because it allows for ions to pass through very quickly.

The conventional batteries we normally use have a much slower process than MXene.

This is because there is a limited path to the ion to the port to be charged. MXene makes this a lot more path for passing ions. This allows the ion to reach the charging port much faster.

More super capacitors

In addition, in the matter of ports, there are more supercapacitors than traditional batteries.

This makes there a lot of places for ions to enter and leave the battery, so the efficiency level is getting better.

In test try, iPhone battery can be fully charged from empty in just 59 seconds.

However, its mass application is still difficult. It may take several more years for research and industry readiness for mass production.

In addition, MXene can also be applied to laptop batteries, as well as better car batteries.

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