Minggu, 17 Juni 2018

Samsung folding smartphone prices more expensive than the iPhone X?

The news presence of folding smartphones made by Samsung which will be released is increasingly widely heard.

However, until now the company based in South Korea is still not provide confirm the presence of folding smartphones.

Not only Samsung, Apple is also rumored to be developing a similar device. If true what it is, about how much the price tag of smartphones made by Samsung and Apple?

An analyst predicts, the price of the device named Galaxy X it will be sold at a fantastic price, which is USD $ 1815.

That's higher than the price of the iPhone X on the market today. The price of Galaxy X is predicted by Kim Jang-yeol from Golden Bridge Investment.

Reported by The Korea Times, Sunday (17/06/2018), Kim also said the device will come with a 7.3 inch OLED screen and can be folded up to a 4.5-inch smartphone sail.

Apart from this, there is still little valid information about the hardware specs of this smartphone. According to Kim, Galaxy X will be released in Q1 2019.

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