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Google rejects artificial intelligence as a military weapon

Google formally rejects the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for various military purposes.

Reported by Google blog, Tuesday (8/12/2018), Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed the company he leads will not pursue the focus in the military world.

"The way artificial intelligence is developed and used will have a significant impact on society in the coming days," Pichai wrote in his blog.

He also explained, the implementation of Google's artificial intelligence will not lead to technology that can cause people to hurt.

Not only cause direct damage, Pichai also does not want Google's artificial intelligence technology used for surveillance actions that violate international norms, as well as against human rights.

Google also emphasizes the importance of developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of the wider society, and that more people develop artificial intelligence for that noble purpose.

Despite rejecting artificial intelligence for damage, Google is still interested in working for the military and government in other areas, such as cyber security, training, military recruitment, and safety and health.

The principle of Google in the development of artificial intelligence

Still in his blog, Sundar Pichai formulates seven principles of Google in the development of artificial intelligence.

Google calls artificial intelligence that they develop should be able to provide benefits for the wider community.

Some of the sectors that Google mentions are health services, energy security, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Not only for business purposes, Google will continue to evaluate the use of artificial intelligence is not limited to commercial cases.

In the development of AI, Google will strive to do it as safely as possible and provide a way for the community to give reciprocity.

The field of education is also highlighted by Google. Through the strength of artificial intelligence, branches of science such as biology, chemistry, medicine, and environmental science made priority to be developed.

The employee had a chance to protest

Earlier, thousands of employees sent a letter of application to Sundar Pichai to stop AI technology support for military purposes.

The AI support in question is the development of Google's AI technology to improve the accuracy of military drone attacks.

"We believe Google does not need to go into war-related businesses," reads a copy of an application signed by a company employee, as quoted by Business Insider's Tekno

The signature employees are representatives of Alphabet employees who reach 70 thousand people.

They demanded that Google withdraw from Project Maven. This project is a pilot program of the Pentagon. Employees also requested that his company will never again develop a technology that can be used for war.

A Google spokesperson in his statement said, "We know many questions related to this new technology, so having a chat with these employees and outside experts is very important and useful."

Just remember, last month Google shocked many parties both inside and outside the company when it confirmed it provides AI technology for the US military.

Based on experts' information, this AI technology can be used to target the location of the attacks with more telling.

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