Selasa, 12 Juni 2018

Galaxy S9 beat the dominance of iPhone X

Samsung has become the top position smartphone worldwide. In a research published by Counterpoint on top global smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S9 is able to overtake iPhone X dominance.

This achievement is embraced thanks to shipments of Galaxy S9 and S9 + products to worldwide as of April 2018.

Based on data from the survey, Samsung grabbed 2.6 percent market share, while not for Apple. The company, led by Tim Cook that it must be willing to fall three points to 2.3 percent.

Counterpoint data says the largest Galaxy S9 market is in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). It was because it proved that in the region Samsung's performance strengthened significantly. In addition to the APAC region, North America also became the base of Samsung's market share.

Reported Softpedia, Tuesday (12/06/2018), which is more interesting than the survey results that is Xiaomi has secretly now reached the top 10 positions. No exaggeration if the Chinese smartphone manufacturer can be said to be parallel with Samsung and iPhone products.

"Xiaomi's presence is beginning to be felt on the world's smartphone platform.Xiaomi grows in China and India because it is considered an affordable smartphone," said Counterpoint.

Even so, the fall of market share of iPhone X is a reasonable thing given that the Galaxy S9 is a newer product.

So it will be interesting to see how the model will perform in the coming months when deliveries are expected to reach normal levels.

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