Selasa, 12 Juni 2018

Addicted to play mobile legends, this girl had a stroke

Until now, Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang is still a lot of people. Not a few people even forget the time when it's holding the phone to play this game.

But be careful when playing, do not be too diforsir. Remember the time when you play games if you do not want to end tragically like a girl from the Philippines, Mhary Mundoc Idanan.

Known, this 23-year-old girl suffered a stroke due to fatigue playing game Mobile Mobile Battle Arena (MOBA) it.

According to the DefinitelyFilipo page information, Mhary spent nearly eight hours playing Mobile Legend.

Sometimes, he even sacrificed his sleep time to improve the ability of the characters he plays.
On uploading on his Facebook some time ago, Mhary shared his last condition while being treated at Quenzon City Hospital, Philippines. Hose mounted in the nose and hands. Her mouth was fixed with a pipe.

Based on research, excessive mobile phone use can cause tumors to brain cancer.

University College London says, spending four hours or more in front of a device or computer can cause impaired circulatory system.

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