Kamis, 08 Februari 2018

This is the World's Fastest DDR4 Memory Kit

G.Skill's capability that often presents the world's fastest memory product instantly has waged a drum war with its competitors. Especially for now G.Skill rumored to have just re poured one of the other mainstay memory kits product kit is Trident Z RGB DDR4.

Claimed to operate at 4700MHz with CL19-19-19-39 timings, DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory is packed with a voltage of 1.45 volts, and is available in a 16GB (2x8GB) kit. As is usually done in the ranks of ultra fast memory kit its made, G.Skill reportedly also been using Samsung DDR4 B-die IC to build this Trident Z RGB.

According to G.SKILL, the existing memory has been validated on the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard with the Intel Core i7-8700K processor. Support existing Intel XMP 2.0 profiles aimed at promoting the concept of One Click (one click) overclocking memory for its users.

Since the announcement of the first release of G.SKILL Trident Z RGB series in late 2016, DDR4-4266MHz has been transformed as one of the highest-speed RGB memory kits in its class. Over the years the G.SKILL R and D team has strived and dedicated itself to bringing a new breakthrough in memory technology, all of which today is finally resolved.

Scheduled to be marketed in the second quarter of this year, you who have already eager to have G.SKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4-4700 memory this seems to be patient at least until next April.

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