Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

Google Re-did The Greatest Leap Of The Latest Version On Its Flagship Chrome OS

The update indicates preparations made by Google to make Chrome a hybrid operating system for the various devices it supports.

Placing an operating system other than Android on the tablet is getting more and more felt as the latest stable channel update is destined for the existence of Chrome OS that Google just presented. The existence of a stable channel platform that has now been updated to 64.0.3282 (Platform version: 10176.65.0) is intended to allow most existing devices to be able to run Chrome OS someday.

The built-in package has now got a number of fixes and security updates, and Google ensures that existing devices will start getting updates as well. The presence of new tablets running Chrome OS rather than Android, reportedly recently Acer has been revealed to coincide in the holding of BETT in London. A number of new features have at least been introduced through the existence of the latest build.

One feature that has become a new breakthrough is none other than the emergence of a faster method for screenshot capture or screenshots that reportedly can now be done via a Chromebook with 360-degree hinges. Thanks to the new features, take a screenshot can be done by pressing the power button and volume down simultaneously as is done in general through the Android device. The Intent Picker for the Play app has also been changed and is now placed on the same windows by default with override capability.

In addition to the settings of touch screen settings, Google has reportedly also improved the lockscreen performance and enabled VPNs that are more intended for Google Play Apps support. Android-specific enhancements include fixes for protected media pipelines and auto optimization of Android container updates.

As for the security fixes in this latest update, there is additional browser mitigation against speculative channel side attack techniques. According to a note in the security fixes that Google presents, access to details and bug links can be restricted until most users are updated with the fix. The service giant will likely also maintain restrictions if there are bugs in third-party libraries that depend on other project similarities, which unfortunately have not been fixed so far.

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