Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

The 'Google Play Protect' Feature Is Coming Soon For Android Device To Protection On Its App Store

With the rapid growth of a platform, of course there are threats that arise to attack the platform. As a technology giant, Google and Apple which have the world's largest mobile platform, namely Android and iOS of course already have security measures on its application store.

As we know, the Play Store and App Store are the main portals for users of both mobile platforms to get the apps, games and other content they need, and of course the portal should be completely secure.

Both companies have implemented a security system in their application store to prevent the existence of malicious applications infiltrate the application store both platforms. But the name of a system is not perfect, and of course there is a security hole. Aware of this, Google prepares steps to prevent undesirable events.

As confirmed by Engadget, Google seems to have launched a Play Protect feature for every Android device that is already running Google Service 11 or later. Previously Google has introduced these features in the Google I / O 2017 event that has lasted several months ago. The feature is basically to unify Google's security services like Verify Apps, browser protection, anti-theft, and more.

According to Google, "Google Play Protect continues to work to keep your device, data and apps safe. Actively scan your device and keep improving to ensure you have the latest version in mobile security. Your device is automatically scanned for about an hour, so you can be calm. "

Of course this additional security service is very well used, given its nature that runs by default on supported operating systems, so the system will run automatically. But keep in mind that security threats are often done by Android users is to install applications from sources that are not trusted, which makes the Android security system is not running optimally.

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