Senin, 24 Juli 2017

Apple Launched iPhone SE 2017, August Before iPhone 8

Apple iPhone SE, a product that has just been launched by this premium-class smartphone producer on March 21, 2016 and then, exactly Sunday at the Apple Special Event. At the event in the Apple agenda explained about the launch of new products in 2016 this year. Not only hardware products in the latest iPhone series 2016 iPhone SE, he also released the latest update operating system.

Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017) Which Has Dual Camera

Previously we had confused with some leaks that claim that Galaxy J7 (2017) for the Chinese market will come with dual-camera setup. Even leaked photos from the device also had appeared previously said as Galaxy J7 (2017). However, the device is not Galaxy J7 (2017) or Galaxy C10 (2017), but Galaxy C7 (2017).

The 'Google Play Protect' Feature Is Coming Soon For Android Device To Protection On Its App Store

With the rapid growth of a platform, of course there are threats that arise to attack the platform. As a technology giant, Google and Apple which have the world's largest mobile platform, namely Android and iOS of course already have security measures on its application store.

Jumat, 21 Juli 2017

Leaked Photos Meizu Pro 7

It's no secret that Meizu will launch its flagship smartphone, Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus, which is scheduled to launch on July 26th. Even both smartphones have been certified by TENAA. Ahead of its launch, one of the two smartphone models has been seen in the latest leak showing one of its main selling points, the secondary screen.

'Oppo A77' Has Appeared On The Company Website

As a rising brand, Oppo is quite diligent in releasing a new smartphone. The company is still brothers with Vivo and OnePlus has been focusing on the camera sector by offering devices that have good cameras, especially selfie cameras. If you still remember, Oppo previously released the Oppo A77 in May in several countries, but now there is a new variant of the device that will soon release in China, where the device has appeared on the company's official website.