Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Vivo V5s Smartphone Is The Best Selfie, Perfection Is Now In The Grip

This month will be the best month for you selfie lovers who are looking for a smartphone to meet your needs for a perfect selfie. Because Vivo seems to be strengthening their V series with new products that will release in a few days.

After success with V5 and V5plus, Vivo smartphones are now rumored to have prepared their best products. Where this product seems to be the next generation of the previous V series to plug the tagline of their V series smartphone, Perfect Selfie.

The product is boasted as the best selfie smartphone is likely to bring more memory than its predecessor. Abducted from the official social media account Vivo on facebook, it is known that a new generation of brand blue logo is named V5s. This V series emphasizes the ability of 20 MP camera equipped with soft softie selfie and natural compared to other V series. This high resolution camera is capable of supporting the latest V series feature, the selfie group. Reflecting on the success of the V5 plus that features the phenomenal Bokeh, it is still unknown whether the feature will be pinned back on this latest generation V series.

Not until there, the sister of the V5 will come with 4 GB of RAM supported ROM of 64 GB. So the performance of this product Vivo is no less competitive with its predecessor who has been successful in the Indonesian market.

The emphasis on V series products that focus on their selfie cameras, it looks like the other features are predicted to still be sam with V5 plus, which has the ability to read fingerprint in less than 0.2 seconds. In addition, Vivo's main tagline "Camera and Music" provides enough information that their sound capabilities using Hi-Fi chips are likely to be embedded on V5s.

As information, Vivo is a smartphone brand that needs to be taken into account. The proof, this year Vivo able to be ranked 5th world compete with other smartphone brands. In an effort to spread its wings in the global arena, Vivo has been able to control most of Southeast Asian market, such as China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and of course Indonesia.

In tune with his vision, Vivo always gives the best and surprising treats to his loyal users. Assisted by Vivo scattered research team in various parts of the world, Vivo always provide the best features for their products.

In its latest product, it seems Agnez Mo is still believed to be their main Ambassador, which is certainly accompanied by other ambassadors Afgan and Pevita. But some leaks say that Vivo will include other artists to widen their market.

The sophisticated feature unity brought by the V5s is still unknown at what price. But it seems Vivo will survive in the price range that is not much different from other V series, which is about $ 300 USD / IDR 3.000.000 - $ 500 / IDR 5.000.000 USD. Can not wait to know more features? Look forward to our next article that will discuss Vivo V5s in detail.

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