Jumat, 28 April 2017

The Latest iPhone 8 Scheme Revealed The Feature Of Dual Front Camera / Selfie

Lately leaked about the iPhone 8 more and more popping up. The last leak reveals the scheme of how the shape of the iPhone 8 and now this new iPhone 8 scheme again appears that uploaded on Weibo site. In the new scheme appeared some additional but still the same as the previous scheme.

In the scheme this time is equipped with a label that allows us to know the parts of the iPhone 8. Viewed as a whole, the features of the iPhone 8 is quite impressive though still quite standard. The interesting thing to look at is, in the scheme looks dual camera setup is on the front. This is especially interesting given the rumor that Apple will introduce a 3D laser scanner that can be used to scan and recognize faces for security.

Perhaps the presence of these features that underlies the dual lens setup on the front. The label also confirms that the large round circle in the middle of the phone we saw in the previous leak is the port for wireless charging. It's claimed to be Qi wireless charging coil, but it's still unclear how it works.

In addition, the rest of the features of this smartphone looks the same. It does not look like the writing of Touch ID, and maybe it's because it is not visible on the picture. However, this can not be confirmed yet.

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