Jumat, 28 April 2017

Newest! LG G6 Mini Smartphone with 5.4 Inch Display Launched Soon?

LG G6 is a flagship smartphone in 2016, although the smartphone is still carrying the chipset that was launched last year. But thanks to the latest features and attractive design, the flagship smartphone seems to still be able to compete with other flagship smartphones.

The South Korean company has started marketing the LG G6 to a number of countries, but it appears that they are planning to launch smaller variants. This is known from leaked images that allegedly is LG G6 Mini, although the leaked images can not be confirmed the truth.

If the standard LG G6 variant has a 5.7 inch wide screen, for smaller variants this will carry the screen area of 5.4 inches. Although the screen size sounds wide enough for a device called "Mini", but its compact size makes this smartphone worth mentioning as a mini. Yes, like the standard variant, the Mini variant also has a super thin bezel, which has a ratio of 80% to the body screen.

Mini variants will also carry aspect ratio of 18: 9 which makes the smartphone look longer. Unfortunately the new screen specifications that we can know, because for other specifications have not circulated leaked for now.
LG may apply some changes to LG G6 Mini specifications to reduce smartphone prices to be cheaper than the standard variant. But they can also maintain the existing specifications on the standard variant although the price offered will not be much different. In addition, the name of the LG G6 Mini is also not necessarily used when the device is sliding later.

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