Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Google CEO Indicates Google Maps Service Will Be Crammed With Ads

Google Maps is one of the best and most popular services owned by Google. This service provides a digital map that allows us to navigate, view traffic updates, view places via street view and more. The reason why this service is loved is, Google Maps can be downloaded for free and users are free of ads.

But that may seem to change in the future, where Google CEO's words hinted that they could add ads to the service.

Speaking to a Wall Street analyst who asked about Google might turn Maps into a money maker, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded by saying, "I'm sure you've seen changes in Google Maps over the last few months." "If you open Google Maps, when Whether you are traveling or out on a Friday night, we begin to bring up more info about what you can do, where to eat and more. So they start getting good feedback from users and I think it's good if we give a price too for that. "

Pichai did not say explicitly that the ads will come, but some have interpreted his words meaning it is likely that Google Maps will show ads. How the ad will appear is still unknown at this time, but it's estimated that the ad will come in a pop-up form suggesting a location when you're nearby. Somehow Google will add ads, which we obviously hope if it will not be too distracting.

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