Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Change Tablet So The Laptop! Similar Surface Pro and iPad Pro With Logitech Universal Folio

A productive 2 in 1 laptop tablet fever with a keyboard and stylus like Microsoft Surface Pro, seems to get all the gadget manufacturers contracted. Until the last, Apple also follow up make iPad become iPad Pro with a physical keyboard.

Including computer hardware provider Logitech. But, instead of making follow up laptop tablet, Logitech actually make a universal keyboard named Logitech Universal Folio for all types of tablets size 9 to 10 inches.

The physical keyboard for this tablet can be used on any Android OS, iOS or Windows. Also equipped with Bloetooth 3.0 connectivity and coin battery that lasts for 2 years in normal use. Logitech Universal Folio is suitable for you who work with many tablets but do not want complicated with a keyboard that is too integrated with the tablet.

Logitech Universal Folio is already sold on Logitech's official website for around $ 59.99 USD. Here is an official video from Logitech when friends are interested in a universal keyboard for this tablet:

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