Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Acer Showcase Holo 360, VR Camera Or Smartphone? Camera That Can Receive Phone

At a product launch event in New York, Acer CEO Jason Chen introduced something quite unique for Acer's future products. Named Acer Holo 360, Chen said that this is a VR camera with "unusual" features of other VR cameras.

Yes, can be seen from an embedded mini screen. Indeed, no other VR camera has been given the built-in screen capability. So with this Acer Holo 360, we do not need to look to the smartphone again while taking pictures.

In fact not only that, we can also edit photos as well as post it on social media with Wi-Fi connectivity or 4G LTE. Well, with this network feature, it means we are also possible to receive a phone from this camera.

Hah? We can pick up the phone from a camera?

Unfortunately, Acer has not wanted to introduce more about the hardware and specifications used in this camera. But certainly, equipped with such capabilities, just the same Acer makes this camera into a smartphone indirectly.

So how do you think? It's more suitable to be called a VR camera or a VR smartphone?

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