Minggu, 30 April 2017

Here It Is A Whiz Vendor In The 2016 Global Market

The year 2016 has passed since one month yesterday. Many surprises that occur especially with regard to competition in the smartphone business. Some brands slip and have to give up their positions to their competitors. There is also a big case that happened to the smartphone manufacturer who came from South Korea who was forced to withdraw its products from the market because of problems.

Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Acer Showcase Holo 360, VR Camera Or Smartphone? Camera That Can Receive Phone

At a product launch event in New York, Acer CEO Jason Chen introduced something quite unique for Acer's future products. Named Acer Holo 360, Chen said that this is a VR camera with "unusual" features of other VR cameras.

With Support Intel Optane ASRock Update Its Flagship 200 Series Motherboard BIOS

After Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, it seems now turn to ASRock producers who are attracted to renew the BIOS on the line of its flagship 200 series motherboard model with the power of Intel Optane memory technology support.

Google CEO Indicates Google Maps Service Will Be Crammed With Ads

Google Maps is one of the best and most popular services owned by Google. This service provides a digital map that allows us to navigate, view traffic updates, view places via street view and more. The reason why this service is loved is, Google Maps can be downloaded for free and users are free of ads.

Change Tablet So The Laptop! Similar Surface Pro and iPad Pro With Logitech Universal Folio

A productive 2 in 1 laptop tablet fever with a keyboard and stylus like Microsoft Surface Pro, seems to get all the gadget manufacturers contracted. Until the last, Apple also follow up make iPad become iPad Pro with a physical keyboard.

Jumat, 28 April 2017

Acer Switch 5, 2 in 1 12 Inch FHD Tablet Comes With Its Own Unique Kickstand Update

Not satisfied with the model ever presented in the year 2016 ago, Acer is rumored to be re presenting the latest Switch 5 models that this time ready to offer a number of updates in terms of performance strength and comfort of operation to its users.

The Latest iPhone 8 Scheme Revealed The Feature Of Dual Front Camera / Selfie

Lately leaked about the iPhone 8 more and more popping up. The last leak reveals the scheme of how the shape of the iPhone 8 and now this new iPhone 8 scheme again appears that uploaded on Weibo site. In the new scheme appeared some additional but still the same as the previous scheme.

Newest! LG G6 Mini Smartphone with 5.4 Inch Display Launched Soon?

LG G6 is a flagship smartphone in 2016, although the smartphone is still carrying the chipset that was launched last year. But thanks to the latest features and attractive design, the flagship smartphone seems to still be able to compete with other flagship smartphones.