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VIVO V5 Plus - Dual Cameras At The Front Of The 20 MP Still Maintained

The existence of Vivo break selfie smartphone market with a large resolution camera lens does not look stretched. 20 megapixel camera on the front of Vivo V5 is even greater than behind a camera lens, an attractive offer which on one hand makes people interested to try, on the other hand makes it difficult to believe.

In theory it is possible and has been proven that a resolution of 20 MP camera indeed made a difference. And now, through the new product Vivo tries stepped forward again by adding one more in the front of the lens, 20 megapixel lens accompany that became their trademark since the previous product.

Lovers are hooked selfie Selfie alias would be interested in the features in the offer Vivo V5 Plus. Released earlier in February 2017, this latest selfie phone trying to meet the needs of the Indonesian mobile market for a product that is not only beautifully in front of the camera, but also overall. Will proved? This paper will show it to you.

Taking Ideas from the Best?

We start from the design side, all things visible to the human eye will leave a positive impression. Metal body dominates the phone Vivo V5 Plus. Especially on the back and lining bezel that surrounds the phone. But when it gets into the screen, all covered by a layer of protective glass Gorilla Glass 5. No 2.5D effect. but still gives the impression of elegance.

Some reviewers had to give a statement, that the phone display is saucy as the latest Apple products. Maybe they concluded like this when looking at the back of the camera slightly protrudes from the surface of the back cover, round and accompanied by the line where the accent is put an antenna, formed by a transparent plastic line, either on the top or bottom side of the phone.

Not a bad thing. To be sure these efforts succeeded in making it comfortable grip, also with material that is "similar", makes it feel premium. You do not need to pay up to $ 1000 USD to feel the same thrill, is not it? At least in terms of design.

As evidence that this product is not 100% copying, the button layout retains the layout of the Vivo mobile phone V5 where the volume and power buttons placed on the same side. And although the fingerprint sensor is equally placed on the home button, but made no home button is round and has no physical buttons, not merely haptic touch.

If Vivo include a mute switch, to turn off the sound quickly without having entered into the system, such a move would be our appreciation. Features iOS phones belonging to this would be very useful if applied at the V5 Plus. At least for the author.

Apparently the editors statement author is quite reasonable, considering the number of other things such as handsfree earphones design, the decision to not include additional memory slot and built in applications iconic look, reminiscent of the design and tool icons in iOS. Is not exactly the same, but the nuance a bit reminiscent to that direction.

The good news, Vivo V5 Plus still carries a 3.5 mm audio port. And as a port for power and data no MicroUSB port which is starting to be replaced by USB-Type C.

Snapdragon 625, 8 Core 2 GHz Chipset

In his time chipsets carried by Vivo V5 Plus is a high-class chipset Qualcomm. Around February 2016 chipset products have had to escort a number of premium products. Bring 8 core processors with speeds up to 2 GHz, on paper this chipset is able to oversee the activities of your cell phone.

In Benchmark value is not too bad, but lags behind other chipset benchmark results above devices. Such series Kryo (Snapdragon 82 *) which only took 4 core but has a much better performance.

Antutu even rate as a mid-end mobile performance, the performance of the phone aka the middle class. That is, this chipset is capable of running large applications with excellent multitasking capabilities.

Of ROM and RAM brought that accompany this Snapdragon chipset, we can expect a lot especially when recording 4K video and intend to edit it in your phone and share it on social media. Unfortunately, once again, no extra memory port, so we can not increase the memory capacity when needed.

FunTouch OS

Not much to complain of belonging to Vivo's custom UI. Instead a simple and do not carry too many layers makes it easy to use, easy for general users and certainly does not hide applications that we install.

The performance of the UI is fairly fluid, there is no pause when we shifted from one page to another. Including when opening the app and switch to another application.

A number of features were taken, such as eye protection, a feature inspired by Night Shift feature in iOS. or at least bring the same spirit. Where we can change the backlight color screen or reduce its intensity to be more comfortable when in use when we lie down on the bed or the atmosphere of the darkened room.

Rear camera is 16 megapixels

When we discuss the camera, it would be safer if we divide it into two discussion. Namely rear camera or primary camera first, then will we separate discussion of the front camera (camera selfie).

The main camera or behind the camera, as described in section design occupies a prominent area, higher than the surface of the back cover. Accompanied by a flash lamp next to her.

Bring a camera setting that is simple, we can shift the camera function by sliding the screen viewfinder, switch from the panorama mode, face beauty, take pictures and videos. Each accompanied by the setting, either globally or depending on which mode you select.

And do not forget there are a number of shooting modes additional behind the icon of the boxes on top of the viewfinder screen, namely: Night ~ for photo shoot slow shutter at night, UltraHD ~ to produce sharper photos and great use of digital engineering, PPT ~ to take image documents, antishake ~ as the name implies, professional ~ provide professional photographic setting options, slow ~ to record slow motion video and last timelapse.
The author tries entire existing modes and UltraHD mode seems to be the most widely used, because it can produce dramatic photos.

The result, in indoor, we will probably find a number of noise and inconsistencies, especially on the edges away from the focal point. This can be helped by opening the lights flash, to fill in the low light. But this is arguably quite. Because other phone cameras that we tried in the same light conditions, also produce the same image. Even more inconsequential in terms of color.

It is suitable for admission to instagram. On the phone screen is small, the noise is not noticeable. Even with a little editing in third-party applications, we can make them appear more artistic.

For outdoor, no complaints. Colors produced quite calm, not increasing saturation as in the Korean mobile phone camera, but do not forget the details and areas of focus. Good!

Dual Front Camera, 20 MP + 8 MP

This is it ya, whiz features V5 Plus. 20 MP front camera alone is able to make a user is interested to prove it. This time the lens 20 was accompanied by another MP 8 MP camera lens.

Same is the case with mobile phones that brings dual camera on the back of the camera, the camera function of this additional deoan will be useful when we want to add bokeh effects to photos selfie. Where we can adjust the depth of the effect even after a successful photo taken.

The scenario is already understand their rear camera. Because the number of mobile phone manufacturers to apply the same in their dual cameras. However Vivo V5 Plus dare apply it in front of the camera which is actually the corner of the shot is not as wide as the rear camera.

Thus, if we take photos selfie just rely on hand only, then maybe we will be the dominant face fills the viewfinder (and the photos later).

In addition, the digital process in arguably the bokeh effect can still be improved. A number of cases showed a blur effect is present even in the middle of the focal point. Although uncommon. if I may give tips, it seems we should avoid bokeh effect if it is not needed, especially if you intend to show the beautiful scenery at the back of your face.

The images feels solid. Detail can be seen very well, and with a resolution of 20 megapixels, the results selfie you will not look wrong. Even if you wish, you can print them onto paper 4R sized photo with satisfactory results.

Features Face Beauty unreliable to produce a unique photo. At least we can be polished facial images to produce interesting images, no longer disturbing. But do not set it to the maximum, because it will distort your face.

Battery Large Capacity and Supports Fast Charging

Vivo V5 Plus equipped with a battery with a capacity of 3160 mAh. Again, this is not the largest in its class. However, both the UI and brought Chipset enables these batteries can last as long as needed.

Approximately 1.5 days in one charging with LTE on continuously and the use of cameras is often enough.
Interestingly, this phone also carries features fast charging, so we can perform charging from zero to 100% in about 2 hours.

Percentage reduction BATTERY 
{TIME: 60 minutes of use}  
  • GAME HD: 20%                            
  • VIDEO PLAYBACK: 18%     
Antutu: ===> 63246
3D Mark (slingshot extreme) (Slingshot) ===> 463.833
Base Mark ===> 1115
GeekBench 4 | Single Core | ===> 842
Multi Core ===> 3130

5.5 Inch
IPS capacitive
touchscreen 16M

2.0 GHz
Snapdragon 625
octacore, Adreno 506

4 GB
6 GB Internal Storage

20 MP
16 MP f/2.0 phase detection the main camera
f/2.0 + 8 MP, 1/28"Front camera.

3160 MAh Li-Ion (non-removable)
152.6 x 74 x7.3 mm, 158

Dual Nano SIM, 4G LTE / HSPA+ / 3G / 2G, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Removable battery: No
Multitouch: Yes
Dual SIM: Yes
4G LTE: Yes
Infrared: No
USB on-the-go: Yes
Fingerprint: Yes
Dual camera: Yes
Memory external: Yes
Gyroscope: Yes
4K video recording: Yes
Video player: Yes
Music player: Yes
Radio FM: No

Android Marshmallow 6.0, FunTouch OS
Color: Gold | Gray

Plus value
- Front camera two lenses
- 20-megapixel front camera
- The rear camera can record 4K video
- The front camera can record 1080p video
- Design is comfortable to grip

- Display design and UI lot of copying the iPhone, including the design of congenital hearset
- There is no MicroSD card slot

Package Sales
Silicon case | Glass cleaning cloth | ejector pin | Micro USB data cable | charger adapter | Earphone handsfree | manuals | guarantee card

Price approximately: $ 549 USD

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